A young opera singer faces a battle for her life…

and finds miracles of medicine and love

JULY 9, 2020 


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Zheng Cao Merola Endowment

Virtual Celebration

On the music of Shinji Eshima

Full of sweeping lyricism and incisive rhythmic energy, Shinji Eshima takes us on soaring musical journeys that leave us feeling emotionally richer at the end. I am thrilled that he is composing an opera on the life of Zheng Cao, one of the dearest, most perceptive artists in our world, whose life was cut tragically short but whose spirit is so immense she will continue to impact this world for all time. Hers is a vitally important story of hope and possibility and Shinji will tell it with incredible humanity.


Matthew Shilvock

General Director, San Francisco Opera  

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Developed in partnership with FOGG Theatre
Photography of Zheng Cao by John F. Martin

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